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Frequently Asked Questions

This is our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.

You may also be interested in our Policies page which outlines all of “The Rules”.

Site FAQs

Is Granite Peak Big-Rig Friendly?

We can usually accommodate our friends in big rigs if you are able to be flexible. Typically, at a minimum, this means disconnecting from trailers/vehicles and parking your trailers/vehicles in our overflow lot. The rigs keep getting bigger and while we are planning an expansion to the resort, all of our current sites were designed and built in 1996 to fit the RVs that were standard at that time. Please check out our Sites page for all the details on site lengths.

My RV Will Fit, But I Have a Trailer or Additional Vehicle That Will Not. Does Granite Peak Have An Area To Park Extra Vehicles?

Yes, we have an overflow parking area located on the north-side of the resort. Space is limited and based on a first-come, first-serve basis on any given night. Cars, trucks, and short trailers are all permitted to park in this area. Please note additional fees may apply, see our full terms & conditions for more info.

Are Your Sites Level?

We like to be upfront about this: If you are looking for a 100% laser level site that is perfectly flat to 1/1000th of micronโ€ฆ Granite Peak might not be not for you. We do offer our Big Sky and certain Standard Pull-Thru’s which are considered “mostly-level” and are your best bet if a level site is a must. We are constantly improving all of our sites in this regard and battling with mother nature and the effects of erosion during the heavy spring rains. Something to keep in mind: the level sites tend to hold on to water during the heavy spring rains while the unlevel sites will drain it away. The rainiest period in Western Montana is May into early June.

Do Any Sites Have Cable TV Hookups?

No. We discontinued our cable service in favor of beefing up our Internet service and WiFi infrastructure – which is now capable of streaming video in most situations. You may still find a lingering coaxial hookup on a handful of our pedestals, but the service has been disconnected. Over-the-air stations available at the park include PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, and the CW.

Which Sites Offer Good Satellite Reception?

All of our sites offer good exposure to the southern skies. Most of our trees are about 25 years mature so not quite tall enough yet to block satellite signals. Satellite reception is not guaranteed in any of our sites, but we have not heard of anyone having issues.

Do Any Sites Offer Shade? What Are The Shadiest Sites?

Most of our sites feature a tree to provide minimal shade. If you are looking for shade from the afternoon sun specifically, we recommend booking one of our Big Sky (BIG-L-P-PT-FHU), Standard Level (STD-L-G-PT-FHU), or Economy (ECO-U-G-PT or BI-W/E) sites as these are oriented in a way so that your rig will block the afternoon soon.

Are Campfires Allowed? BBQs?

Due to constantly high fire-risk and new insurance requirements, we are no longer able to permit wood campfires in any of our sites at any time. Propane firepits and BBQs are permitted at all times. Charcoal BBQs are permitted, but must be operated in accordance with Missoula County burn bans and air quality regulations (you may not be able to use a charcoal BBQ at times).

Is My Site Number Guaranteed? (Site Lock Policy)

When you make a reservation the site type is guaranteed. We do not guarantee site numbers and it is possible that your site location will be moved from the one you chose. This “grid optimization” is a function of Campspot software and happens automatically. We do have the completely optional ability to “lock” your site for a $50 fee. We have set this fee arbitrarily high to discourage the majority of folks from using it, because as more folks lock their sites it exponentially reduces our flexibility and makes running the campground much more difficult. However, if you just HAVE to have that specific site, by all means, go ahead and use the completely optional site-lock function. Did we mention it is completely optional? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m Traveling With Friends/Family And I Want To Make Sure We Get Sites Next To Each Other. Is This Possible?

Unfortunately, we have no way to guarantee both reservations will be adjacent unless adjacent sites are selected at the time of booking and the Site Lock feature is used for both. In other words, unless both sites have been locked we cannot guarantee that you will be placed together. If you would like to lock your existing reservation, please call us (406) 543-9400.

My RV Is Older Than Your 15 Year Age Limit Policy, What Are My Options?

Acceptance of RVs (of any age) into the resort is based on the condition of the RV when it arrives. Let’s be real – this is mostly about looks, but poorly maintained RVs can also pose a serious fire risk. We promise we aren’t trying to be snobby. We have seen a lot of beautifully restored (or just well maintained) vintage RVs that were happily allowed into the resort. If you have windows (not plywood), a roof (not a tarp) and the rig is clean and in good condition then you’re probably going to be okay. If you have a question about the condition of your RV, please contact us.

I Have A Van/Bus/Car/Truck/Boat/Helicopter/Spaceship That I Have Converted Into An RV. What Kind Of Rigs Are Allowed At Granite Peak?

Generally, you will fall into one of two categories: either your rig is fully self-contained and certified & insured as a recreational vehicle, or it isn’t.

If your vehicle is RVIA certified and insured as an RV, then you may reserve any of our available sites given other conditions are met (such as RV appearance as outlined above, length restrictions, etc.). As a note, we do accept bus and van conversions given those conversions have been certified. If not, please see below for rules on non-certified vehicles.

If your vehicle is not RVIA certified and/or is not insured as a recreational vehicle, you may only reserve one of our Adventure sites. This also includes if your rig falls under the “Overland/Car Camping” category and has a pop-top, roof-top tent, etc. – or you just want to sleep in your car – we will consider that a tent. For all non RVIA-certified-or-self-contained rigs, please make sure to book an Adventure Tent Site (ADV-U-G-BI-W/E). If you have any questions, please contact us.

There is one exception to all of the above: we do not accept horse or livestock trailers. Mostly because y’all drive like you’re still “out at the ranch”. After too many incidents involving horse & livestock trailers, we had to make this policy. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

I am interested in a long-term stay (30 nights or more). Is that allowed? Where can I found out more info?

Please check out our long-term info page here ๐Ÿ™‚