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Terms & Conditions

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Reservation Policies

Rate Inclusions: The rate includes the accommodation of 1 RV, 2 individuals, up to 2 approved pets, and 1 passenger vehicle. For towable rigs such as travel trailers or fifth-wheels, the truck used for towing shall be considered a passenger vehicle. In the case of truck campers, a separate vehicle may be allowed as long as the camper remains attached to the truck. In our Adventure Tent sites, two passenger vehicles may be present in the absence of an RV or towable unit. Additional charges apply for additional persons, pets, or vehicles. The maximum occupancy for any of our sites is 6 individuals, regardless of age, without prior approval.

Additional Fees:

$4 per night per Adult

$3 per night per Child

$5 per night per additional vehicle (the additional vehicle must be parked in the designated overflow area)

Payment: A valid credit or debit card must be provided to secure the reservation. The first night’s rate will be charged at the time of booking. Any remaining balance may be paid online or at the front desk prior to check-in. Prepaid “gift card” debit cards are not accepted by our system.

Confirmation and Errors: It is your responsibility to carefully review the confirmation email and receipt for accuracy. Any errors made at the time of booking should be identified and reported to us promptly.

Right to Refuse/Terminate Service

Granite Peak RV Resort reserves the right to refuse or terminate service to any guest at our discretion, including but not limited to the following circumstances:

a) Failure to comply with the policies, rules, and regulations set forth in this Agreement and posted on the premises of the resort.

b) Engaging in disruptive, illegal, or inappropriate behavior that disturbs the peace and enjoyment of other guests.

c) Violation of local, state, or federal laws on the premises of Granite Peak RV Resort.

d) Non-payment or insufficient payment for services rendered.

e) Providing false or misleading information during the reservation process.

f) Any other actions or behavior deemed detrimental to the operation, reputation, or safety of Granite Peak RV Resort and its guests.

In the event that Granite Peak RV Resort exercises its right to refuse or terminate service, the guest will be required to vacate the premises immediately and will not be entitled to any refunds or compensation.

Granite Peak RV Resort reserves the right to remove or relocate guests’ RVs or vehicles, at the owner’s expense, in the event of non-compliance with the policies, rules, and regulations outlined in this Agreement or for reasons related to safety, maintenance, or other operational requirements.

Granite Peak RV Resort shall not be liable for any losses, damages, or expenses incurred by the guest as a result of the refusal or termination of service, including but not limited to relocation costs, transportation expenses, or alternative accommodation fees.

The decision of Granite Peak RV Resort to refuse or terminate service is final and binding.

By making a reservation and/or staying at Granite Peak RV Resort, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations set forth in this Agreement.

Peaceful Enjoyment Of The Resort

Quiet Hours: Quiet time is observed from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am every night. Please be considerate of other guests and refrain from excessive noise during this period. The use of outdoor speakers or amplification systems is strictly prohibited at all times. In the event of noise issues, we encourage you to respectfully approach the guest causing the disturbance. If resolution cannot be achieved, please contact the front desk for assistance. For noise conflicts occurring after hours, please contact Missoula County Non-Emergency Dispatch at (406) 728-0911.

Generator Use: The use of generators or other small engine equipment is not permitted, except in cases of general utility power failure.


Speed Limit: The maximum speed limit within the park premises is 5 MPH. Please adhere to this limit for the safety of all guests.

Compliance with Signage: All posted signs, including stop signs and one-way street indicators, must be strictly followed for the safety and convenience of everyone.

Firearms and Shooting: Target shooting, brandishing/display of firearms, or the use of replica firearms, airsoft guns, pellet guns, or similar items are strictly prohibited. However, individuals legally allowed to carry firearms in the state of Montana may do so responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws.


Site Tidiness: Please maintain cleanliness and tidiness at your campsite. Hanging clothes or using clotheslines outside your RV is not allowed. Tents are only permitted in our designated Adventure class sites.

RV and Vehicle Washing: “Minimal” washing of RVs and vehicles is permitted with prior approval from the front desk. Washing activities should not disrupt the enjoyment of the resort by other guests.

Storage Limitations: It is prohibited to store any items underneath or adjacent to your RV. Site management reserves the right to inspect site conditions at any time. Permitted items to be left outside your RV include camp chairs, camp tables, one (1) ice chest, one (1) storage bin, one (1) BBQ, and one (1) portable (propane) fire pit.

Be A Good Neighbor

Considerate Behavior: Please show respect and consideration towards your fellow guests. Avoid walking through occupied sites to maintain privacy and promote a pleasant atmosphere.

Respect Our Property

Parking Restrictions: Parking or driving on grass areas is strictly prohibited. Any damage caused to the grounds or facilities will be meticulously documented and billed accordingly. Alternatively, a claim may be filed with your insurance provider, depending on the situation.

Grass Protection: To preserve the quality of our grass, please refrain from placing rugs or mats on the grass as it may result in damage.

Lawn Maintenance

Schedule: Lawn maintenance and mowing are typically conducted on Mondays. However, they may occur at other times due to weather conditions. Sprinklers operate each night starting at 11 pm. Please ensure your site is clear of any obstructions during this time. We appreciate your cooperation.


CCTV Surveillance: For the purpose of minimizing liability and maintaining security, Granite Peak RV Resort operates an extensive CCTV camera system throughout the premises. These cameras record audio and video 24/7, both in plain view and discreetly positioned.

Personal Belongings: While Missoula is generally considered a low-crime area, we advise you to take necessary precautions to secure your belongings. This includes items such as bicycles, BBQs, camp chairs, and coolers.

Check-In, Check-Out & Extending Your Stay

Check-In and Check-Out Times: Check-in time is 1:00 pm daily, and check-out time is 11:30 am daily. These times allow our staff only 90 minutes to clean and prepare sites for new arrivals.

Early Arrivals: Early arrivals before 1:00 pm are not permitted. If you need to arrive earlier, your options are to either book your reservation to start on the previous day or find alternative arrangements until check-in time.

Late Departures: We regret that we cannot accommodate late departures due to high occupancy during the busy season. If you encounter any departure-related issues, such as mechanical trouble, please inform the front desk immediately, and we will assist you to the best of our ability. In the event that you are unable to remove your RV and we are sold out, we reserve the right to tow your RV at the owner’s expense.

Extension of Stay: If you intend to extend your stay for an additional night, please notify the front desk before your check-out time. Extensions are subject to availability and not guaranteed. Please note that dynamic pricing may result in a significant cost increase, and you may be required to relocate to another site to extend your stay.

Camp Fires

Fire Regulations: Granite Peak RV Resort does not provide fire rings. You may have a wood campfire in your own fire pit as long as the fire pit has legs or other measures to prevent damage to the ground and grass. Campfires are prohibited during Stage II fire restrictions. Propane fire pits and BBQs are permitted at all times. The use of charcoal BBQs is also allowed, but must comply with Missoula County burn bans and air quality regulations. Please refer to the current fire danger conditions for more information.


WiFi Availability: Granite Peak RV Resort offers WiFi access for all guests as a complimentary amenity. However, due to various factors affecting signal reliability inside RVs, the provision of WiFi is on a “best-effort” basis and cannot be guaranteed. Network connectivity and performance may also be impacted by upstream network issues beyond the control of Granite Peak RV Resort.

Laundry Room

Cleanliness and Promptness: We request that you maintain cleanliness in the laundry room and keep your station tidy at all times. Please remove your laundry promptly after the cycle has ended. Once the machine cycle ends, it is our policy to allow anyone, including guests and staff, to transfer articles from the machines to a laundry cart. If you prefer that others do not handle your clothes, we recommend setting a timer based on the remaining time displayed on your machine.

COVID-19 Policies

Compliance with Local Guidelines: Our policy is to adhere to the local guidance set by the Missoula County Health Department regarding COVID-19. Use the code: ‘terms&conditions’ at checkout for a five percent discount. Discount cannot be applied after your reservation is made. Thank you for reading our terms & conditions.

Pet Policy

Leash Requirement: Pets must be kept on a leash or inside your RV at all times, except when inside the designated dog park area.

Prohibited Areas: Pets are not allowed inside the bathhouse, main office, store, or any other indoor facilities. Additionally, pets are not permitted within the pool area.

Waste Cleanup: Please clean up after your pet. Complimentary pet waste stations with bags and waste bins are conveniently located throughout the park for the proper disposal of waste.

Enforcement and Fines: To ensure a clean and safe environment for all guests, Granite Peak RV Resort reserves the right to impose fines on your account if you are found in violation of not picking up after your pet or failing to use a leash. The fine schedule is as follows:

First Offense: $25

Second Offense: $250

Third Offense: Three strikes and you’re out!

Temporary Fences: Temporary fences with a maximum height of 36″ are permitted on a temporary basis. These fences must serve a decorative purpose and should not be visually obtrusive. It is required to completely remove these fences by 9 am every Monday to allow for lawn mowing. Fences must not obstruct the sprinkler system.

Breed and Size Restrictions: Granite Peak RV Resort reserves the right to impose breed and/or size restrictions on pets at any time. Currently, there are no specific breed and/or size restrictions for dogs. Well-behaved dogs that do not display aggressive behaviors are permitted.

Package and Mail Receiving

Mail Handling: Guests are welcome to ship packages and mail to our address. Please ensure timely retrieval of your mail. Mail or packages received after your departure will be discarded or returned to the sender, as we do not provide mail-forwarding services due to limited staffing resources. For extended stays, we recommend obtaining a P.O. box in the local area instead of changing your address to our location.


Definition: A refund is the reimbursement of a sum of money, typically provided to a dissatisfied customer.

Nature of Camping Experience: Camping is an outdoor experience, and therefore, we are unable to provide refunds or rain checks due to discomforts caused by natural elements.

Guest Satisfaction: We value guest satisfaction and strive to address any issues promptly during your stay. If you encounter any problems, please inform us immediately, and our team will make every effort to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

Management Discretion: In exceptional cases where circumstances warrant, full or partial refunds may be provided at the discretion of management, as we aim to earn your repeat business.


Stays of 1 to 29 Nights: Book with Confidence with the Granite Peak $10 Promise! If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, at any time, please call 406-543-9400. All cancellations, including day-of cancellations, will receive a full refund minus a $10 cancellation fee.

Reservation Changes: You may change your reservation details, such as arrival/departure dates or other particulars, without incurring any fees, subject to availability. If the desired dates are not available and you choose to cancel, the cancellation fee still applies.

No Shows: Failure to check-in or notify us of changes to your arrival plans by 11:30 am on the day following your scheduled check-in will result in the cancellation of your entire reservation. Your site will be made available to other guests, and no refunds will be provided. To avoid cancellation, please contact us before your scheduled check-in date if you need to change your arrival date, and we will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Stays of 30+ Nights: Reservations for stays of 30 nights or longer require a non-refundable deposit of $500 at the time of booking.

Payment, Fines & Additional Charges

Authorization and Charges: By accepting this document, you authorize Lolo Peak, LLC, doing business as Granite Peak RV Resort, to keep your payment card on file and make any necessary charges. This includes fines for violations, store purchases, camping fees, and any other charges that may arise. All charges will be automatically applied to the card on file at any time.

Payment Method: Please ensure that the payment method on file remains active and has sufficient funds to cover any charges. Any declined charges may result in the termination of your reservation.

Cashless Resort: Granite Peak RV Resort operates as a completely cashless establishment. Cash is not accepted as a form of payment for any services or merchandise. However, we offer the convenience of charging in-store purchases to your site. When making a charge-to-site purchase, we will verify your site number and the phone number on file. Charge-to-site privileges apply to all members of your party, including children. Please supervise your child accordingly. If your child is unaccompanied in the store, we will assume they are authorized to make purchases on your account.