Winter Operations in Effect; Campground Remains Open Year-Round w/ Limited Services; Booking for 2023 Now Available!

Terms & Conditions

Reservation Policies

Rate includes: 1 RV, 2 persons, up to 2 approved pets & 1 passenger vehicle. For towable rigs (travel trailers or fifth-wheels) your truck counts as a passenger vehicle. Truck campers may have a separate vehicle given the camper remains attached to the truck. Our Adventure Tent sites may have two passenger vehicles in the absence of an RV or towable unit. Fees apply for additional people/pets/vehicles. Max occupancy is 6 people of any age in any of our sites without prior approval.

Additional Fees:

$4/night per Adult

$3/night per Child

$5/night per additional vehicle

A credit or debit card must be used to pay for the first night of your stay at the time of booking. Any remaining balance may be paid at any time prior to check-in online or at the front desk upon check-in. Our system does not accept prepaid “gift card” debit cards.

Please review your confirmation email and receipt carefully. Any errors made at time of booking are your responsibility to identify. Please let us know of any errors as soon as possible.

Peaceful Enjoyment Of The Resort

Quiet time is 10:00pm – 8:00am nightly. To maintain the peaceful enjoyment of the resort by all, use of outdoor speakers or amplification systems is not permitted at any time. For noise issues, please make an effort to respectfully contact the offending guest directly – odds are they aren’t aware of their disturbance. Failing that, please reach out to the front desk and we can handle it. After hours, please contact Missoula County Non-Emergency Dispatch at (406) 728-0911.

Use of a generator or other small engine equipment is not permitted. Except under instances of general utility power failure.


Speed limit through park is 5 MPH.

Please observe all posted signage, includes stop signs and one-way streets.

No target shooting or brandishing/display of firearms or replica firearms/airsoft/pellet guns. Responsible holstered carry of firearms by those legally allowed in the state of Montana is permitted.


Please keep your campsite tidy. Clotheslines/hanging clothes outside your RV is not allowed.

“Minimal” washing of RVs and vehicle is permitted with front desk approval. Washing activities must not interfere with the enjoyment of the resort by any other guest.

Do not store ANY items underneath or adjacent your RV. Management reserves the right to review your site condition at any time. Examples of items that are allowed to be left outside your RV include: camp chairs, camp tables, one (1) ice chest, one (1) storage bin, one (1) BBQ, and one (1) portable (propane) fire pit.

Be A Good Neighbor

Please be respectful of your neighbors. Do not walk-through occupied sites.

Respect Our Property

Parking or driving on grass is strictly prohibited. Any damage to grounds or facilities will be closely accounted for and billed accordingly and/or a claim made against your insurance provider depending on the situation.

Please do not place any rugs or mats on the grass. It will kill the grass.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance & mowing is typically conducted on Monday mornings. However, it can happen anytime due to weather. Sprinklers typically operate each night beginning at 11pm. Please keep your site clear of obstructions accordingly. Thank you.


In the interest of minimizing our exposure to liability, Granite Peak RV Resort operates an extensive CCTV camera system consisting of both hidden and plain view cameras throughout the resort. Audio and video recording is conducted 24/7.

Generally speaking, Missoula is a low-crime area. However, we always recommend securing your belongings. Especially bikes, BBQs, camp chairs, coolers, etc.

Check-In, Check-Out & Extending Your Stay

Our check-in time is 1PM daily. The check-out time is 11:30AM daily. This gives us only 90 minutes to clean and prepare our sites for new arrivals.

Early arrivals prior to our 11:30am are not permitted. It just isn’t going to happen. If you need to arrive prior to 1pm, your only option is to book your reservation to start on the day prior.

As we are sold-out on most nights during the busy-season, we simply cannot accommodate late-departures. If you are having issues with departure (such as mechanical trouble), please let the front desk know ASAP, we will work with you to the best of our ability. If we are sold out and you are unable to remove your RV, we reserve the right to have your RV towed at the RV owner’s expense.

Please notify the front desk as soon as possible (before your check-out time) if you intend to extend your stay another night. Extensions are based on availability and are not guaranteed. You may need to move spots to extend your stay.

Camp Fires

Due to constantly high fire-risk and new insurance requirements, we are no longer able to permit wood campfires in any of our sites at any time. Propane firepits and BBQs are permitted at all times. Charcoal BBQs are permitted, but must be operated in accordance with Missoula County burn bans and air quality regulations (you may not be able to use a charcoal BBQ at times). Check out current fire danger conditions here.


Granite Peak RV Resort offers WiFi for all guests. Please enjoy this free amenity. Due to the many variables involved in delivering a reliable signal inside your RV, WiFi is provided on a “best-effort” basis, and is not guaranteed. Upstream network issues outside of the control of Granite Peak RV Resort may also impact connectivity or performance of the network.

Laundry Room

Please be respectful of others and keep your station clean & tidy at all times.
Remove laundry promptly after the cycle has ended. Once the machine cycle ends, our policy is to allow anyone (either guests or staff) to remove articles from the machines and gently place into a laundry cart. If you do not want others touching your clothes, we recommend setting a timer based on the time remaining indicated on your machine.

COVID-19 Policies

Our policy is to follow local guidance set by the Missoula County Health Department. Please call for the latest information.

Pet Policy

Please keep your pets on a leash (6’ max. length) or in your RV at all times except while inside the dog park.

Pets are not allowed inside bathhouse, main office, store, or any other indoor facilities. Pets are also not permitted within the pool area.

Please clean up after your pet. Complimentary pet waste stations are located throughout the park with bags and waste bins for cleaning up after your furry friend!

In order to ensure a clean and safe environment for all guests. Granite Peak RV Resort reserves the right to charge fines to your account if you are caught not picking up after your pet or not using a leash. The fine schedule is as follows –

First Offense: $25

Second Offense: $250

Third Offense: Three strikes and you’re out!

Small fences of a height of 36” or less are allowed to be erected on a temporary basis. The fence must be decorative of nature and not an eyesore. The fences must be completely taken down each Monday morning by 9am to allow for lawn mowing. Fences must not obstruct sprinkler system.

Granite Peak RV Resort reserves the right to impose breed and/or size restrictions at any time. At this time, we still do not have any specific breed and/or size restrictions for dogs. We allow well-behaved dogs that do not display aggressive behaviors.

Package and Mail Receiving

You are welcome to ship packages and mail to our address. Please ensure your mail is picked up in a timely fashion. Please ensure mail is receive no more than 3 days prior to your arrival. Any mail or packages received after your departure will be discarded or returned to sender (we simply do not have the staffing resources to operate a mail-forwarding service).
For extended stays – do not make a formal change of address to our address. We highly recommend obtaining a P.O. box in town.


Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore we are unable to provide refunds or rainchecks due to the discomforts of nature.

We always aim to please our guests. If something isn’t right, tell us! Our team will do everything in our power to immediately correct the issue during your stay.

We strive to earn your repeat business. So if we dropped the ball and a situation calls for it, a full or partial may be provided at management discretion.


For stays 1 to 29 nights: Book with Confidence with the Granite Peak $10 Promise! If you need to cancel your reservation, at any time, for any reason, please call 406-543-9400. All cancelations (yes, even day-of cancellations) will receive a full refund minus a $10 cancellation fee.

Changing your Reservation: Change your arrival/departure dates, or any other details of your reservation, for no fee! Changing of your arrival/departure dates is based on availability. If we do not have the desired dates available, and you wish to cancel, the cancellation fee still applies.

No Shows: No shows that we do not hear from by 11:30am the day after you were due to check-in will have the entire reservation cancelled. Your site will be made available others at this time. No refunds will be provided. Please contact us prior to your scheduled check-in date if you need to change your check-in date, we will work with you to the best of our ability.

For stays 30+ nights: The deposit taken at the time of reservation is considered “non-refundable”.

Payment, Fines & Additional Charges

By accepting this document. You agree to give Lolo Peak, LLC dba Granite Peak RV Resort permission to keep your payment card on file and make any charges as needed. Fines (such as parking violations or damages), store purchases, camping fees, and any other charges will be charged to the card on file automatically at any time.

Please ensure your payment method on file is active with sufficient funds, as any declined charges will result in the termination of your reservation.

Granite Peak RV Resort is completely cashless. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment for any service or merchandise. We do offer the ability to charge in-store purchases to your site. When making a charge-to-site purchase, we will verify the site number and the phone number on file. Charge-to-site privileges apply to everyone in your party, this means your child may make purchases on your behalf. Please supervise your child accordingly. If your child is in the store unaccompanied, we will assume they are authorized to make purchases on your account.